About us

Zhejiang kaiansheng door industry started in 2005, the company headquarters is located in wuyi county economic development zone, is a collection of design, process, sales in one of the modern integrated enterprises. It has five business divisions, including security door business division, non-standard door business division, interior door business division, stainless steel door business division and overall home furnishing business division.

At present, the company registered capital of about 10 million yuan, the output value of 150 million, has a niubeijin headquarters production base, yiwuyi development zone baihuayshan production base, yongkang zhiying industrial zone production base, yongkang xinghua industrial zone production base, production equipment more than 500 sets, 12 automatic assembly lines, more than 800 employees.

Since the products on the market, by its exquisite craft, distinguished luxury, durable, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, admired and loved deeply the general consumer, has been leading roaming in the door industry in our country, exported to Russia, Iraq, Angola, and many other countries, won the general customers the consistent high praise, and won the "consumer trust products", "qianjiang evening news and yongkang daily joint appraisal industry proud brand" and other honors.

In recent years, the company strictly abide by the ISO9001:2000 quality certification system, on the management mode, fully realize the computer paperless production, quality complaints zero tolerance, adhere to the "brand first" concept, the implementation of positive integration strategy, shaping the brand image, in order to exert better social and economic benefits, based on domestic, break into the international market, make "KaiAnCheng" towards the modernization of the international higher starting line.

Wish our sincerity, our efforts to get the majority of customers permanent dependence and support, in the spirit of "mutual benefit, win-win cooperation" welcome dealers around the country to join kaian grand family.