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Three reasons to choose kaiansheng door industry

First, kaiansheng door industry since its inception in 2005, has always pursued the "people-oriented, technology-oriented" concept, continue to recruit high-end technical personnel, the introduction of advanced production equipment, with the industry-leading technology, professional production management, and improve the after-sales service system, the majority of dealers recognized. Products through the national ISO:9001 quality system certification. The company adheres to the policy of "take morality as the first, do a good job in the door" as the guidance, excellent product quality, good corporate image and reputation, so that more and more dealers join in triumph.

KaiAnCheng development so far, already has a scale, the development of the company cannot leave around the dealer's support, is now all over the country to establish YiDeLe image store 263, along with the continuously expanding KaiAnCheng, more in response to customer requirements, further enhance the company brand, the company top leadership decision, to carry out the blank area and establish the image store customers, can enjoy preferential support, the company through to all image store customers can enjoy a discount standards samples door, company commitment is held twice a year promotion, preferential activities.

Three, after-sale policy: the company specially set up after-sales service team, attaches great importance to product quality, customer reflect recommendations and commitment in the shortest possible time, with the fastest speed processing, solve product is insufficient, the regions more than twice a year to visit on a regular basis, an after-sales service work, listen to customer comments, Suggestions, training, training related after-sales service, truly "customer satisfaction is our pursuit" of the enterprise goals, building a good service system, to guide the dealers product maintenance, installation and other services, to further improve the staff's service consciousness and service quality; Dealers closely hand in hand, timely communication and feedback in order to improve the products, promote the upgrading of products, product innovation and so on related work, strive for more good word-of-mouth, cash the promise of hundred, we constantly pay attention to brand construction, strengthens the enterprise strength, continuously improve product quality, strengthen after-sales service, not fight for market "price war", adhere to the line of high quality to our dealers in cooperation with no worries.